Random Life Update

We are grateful for the Lord's provision in allowing us to be His vessels used for him! In the months of January and February, we were able to perform about 40 concerts. God's strength was there for us along the way, even during the challenging and stressful moments! Here is a little update of the first two months of our tour.
Getting to fellowship with these sweet friends for an evening was a blessing!
Being in the same hub as the Bower family during a prison revival granted us the opportunity to re-connect with them! We always enjoy the times spent with this sweet family!
A Crackle Barrel breakfast date before an evening of prison ministry.
Morning prayer time before heading into the prisons.
Sibling time during a walk.
The Bower and Bontrager guys after a morning work-out. 
Handsome little guy posing for a selfie.
It's so fun when a church has two grand pianos! Taylor and I(Liz) took advantage of this great opportunity!
More walks!
On a night off, some of us children enjoyed playing one of our favorite games: Ticket To Ride.
A birthday date at Mod Pizza.
This is what you would find if you looked in the parking lot of Holiday Inn on this particular morning!

More physical exercise! This time it was in the form of frisbee.
At the Bontrager house, hair cuts are a necessity and must happen even while traveling!!!
We were able to spend time at some sweet friend's house in Georgia. We took the time to fellowship, catch up on projects and go fishing.
Mr. Tanner working his wonders. He deep fat fried some delicious fish, hush puppies and fries for us.
Pre-concert smiles!
Jamming with friends.
Wallace enjoyed one of his first piano lessons with Liz! :):) 
Grandpa and grandson time
Denver took Taylor out for a pizza date to celebrate his 17th birthday.
Taylor faithfully practicing banjo.
Concert time again!

"O come, let us sing unto the Lord, let us kneel before the Lord our maker!"


  1. Great post!
    Wallace is too adorable.😘

  2. Beautiful families. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR Have a blessed and joyous year.
    Joan,Marilyn and Marion


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