Summer Tour//Week 6

Summer Tour Week 6 we had the wonderful gift of spending several days with some of our dear Stoltzfus family, including Mother's parents, our Stoltzfus grandparents. Today's post will mostly be photos from that wonderful time!
We helped with work projects at the grandparents' place, which was so awesome!
There were cleaning projects, hedge trimming, blanket knotting, baking, and more.
We also had a grand time picking blueberries one day. The "kids" (that would be Allison, Denver, Joe, Taylor, Liz, Hudson, Rebecca) and a cousin loaded up for a grand blueberry picking party! We picked over 100 pounds (for Grandma, our Aunt, and our own family) in less than 2 hrs!
Game time!
There is NOTHING like gathering together outdoors over delicious food. We are all about feasting and celebrating!
Speaking of food........the Low Country Boil at our family reunion was INCREDIBLE! If you've never had it, let me tell you it is so so good!!! 
Amidst eating and feasting.......baby holding! One of our sweet cousins has this new beautiful little boy that was passed around lots and loved on much during the reunion.
In addition to our wonderful family time, there was the normal office work to do (along with concerts, errands, schoolwork, and lots of music practice).
At one of our concerts, Denver and Joe gave these guys some instrumental inspiration.
This little sweetie graced us with her presence during sound check. Can you tell we love babies?
Speaking of babies.......we love the dozens of photos of dear little Jubilee and Wallace. Be watching for a new post filled with baby pictures coming soon!


  1. Can't wait for the baby pictures!

  2. The babies are really sweet:) looking forward to seeing more pictures of them!

  3. Wow! Lovely post filled with pictures!
    Would you consider doing a post on blanket knotting in the future? I have never had the chance to see how that works.

    Many blessings,


    1. I’m curious about blanket knotting, too. Is that how you complete the edged of a woven blanket, or is it constructed some other way?
      Your new grand babies/niece/nephew are so beautiful! It must be almost painful to have to wait to get your hands on them.


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