Summer Tour 2018//Week 4

Week 4 of the Summer Tour found us going between Canada and the United States. We sang at an Old Fashioned Camp Meeting, a large Conference Center, several churches, and a few town halls.
This week saw us doing the last few concerts with Joshua and Cassidy before they left for home. We are grateful for every opportunity we had to sing and share, and the many new friends we met.
The middle of the week, Joe joined us and we spent many hours practicing and preparing for the changes to our concert. 
Denver did a fantastic job leading the practices and organizing all the new parts we needed to learn.  Joe has been an incredible blessing, and brings not only tremendous skill, but great enthusiasm and energy to our group. 
Concert at the Ukranian Hall
Elizabeth and Rebecca reading backstage. 
Hudson and a friend packing up after the evening concert.
Smiles with a friend!
We have been blessed by so much kind hospitality along the way!
And this was a momentous day on the bus- this time an adventure involving a rather sharp corner....in which the crockpot filled with baked potatoes careened to an untimely end. After a few hearty laughs, we started extricating many hundreds of glass shards from the far corners of the kitchen. We also came up with Plan B for supper, since no one thought Glass Crusted Potatoes sounded very appetizing.


  1. I’m curious of what you guys are gonna do when the babies come... are some of y’all going to be with them for a while, or are you gonna meet them later?

    1. We are looking forward to meeting the babies when we get back from tour the beginning of August!

  2. What book is Elizabeth reading? I am a 15-year-old girl who loves to read, however I struggle to find uplifting reading material. Thanks!

  3. Any baby news? Will carsonand his wife come back on tour with the baby?

  4. Babies are arrived or not yet

  5. To Christine:
    Please email us at secretary@dutchcountryinnkalona.com and we'd be happy to answer your business question!


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