Snapshots from Chelsy + John's Wedding

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are just a few pictures from Chelsy and John's wedding.
Praying together right before the ceremony.
Father + Daughter...it was a sentimental day as he gave away his firstborn, his oldest girl, his personal assistant, his beloved daughter. Our dad described it as "total peace" as he completely trusted the man she married, although he already misses her greatly.
MANY big smiles on this joyful occasion!!!
Joshua + Cassidy
Carson + Carolina
Mitchell + Bryn
Dear friends traveled from near and far- in this case, Mexico and Canada!
So many people made this day happen.....we couldn't every thank everyone enough for sacrificing and serving!
.....and kisses!!!
"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23
ps. For those wanting to watch the livestream, please email johnandchelsy2017@gmail.com with your request.


  1. SO beautiful! Can't wait to watch the livestream. :)

  2. It was beautiful! Thanks for the invite.

    Love, Rebecca K.

  3. Gorgeous photos!! I absolutely LOVED the colours of the bridesmaid dresses - just stunning!

    Did John and Chelsy save their first kiss ever for the alter? I don’t think there was any mention of that.

    What great photos of a great day! ����

  4. It was very nice and different from any other I had been at. I liked this way lots better.

  5. Chelsy looks beautiful. Did they save their first kiss for the wedding?

  6. Chelz was the only one I saw barefooted. Just wondering if she went outside that way as cold as it was?

    1. She took off her shoes for a quick barefooted picture outside, but that's it.:) It was a little too cold to be going barefoot outside all day!

    2. Yes it was and I was really surprised she was barefooted at all as cold as it was.

  7. I got some pictures that I took of the wedding if anyone wants to see them.

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