Donut Day 2017

As some of you may remember, we have a tradition at the Bontrager house of making donuts every fall. To take a trip down memory lane, you may enjoy browsing through previous Donut Day posts here (2013), here (2014),  and here (2016). You can find our donut recipe here.
 One day a few weeks ago was The Day! Everyone was working locally that day, so it was the perfect time to mix up a big batch of dough and get frying.  The crew this year was mostly Allison, Liz, Hudson, and Rebecca. Mind you, the rest showed up when it was time to eat the donuts! We invited all the "marrieds" over for lunch, and filled up on soup and donuts.
We made it through with only 1 minor burn and 1 powdered sugared chin (the individuals above were the ones involved in said incidents.:)
This picture is a tradition every year- two people eating from the same donut. 
We usually roll the majority of the donuts in powdered sugar, and dip some in a homemade maple caramel glaze, as well. 


  1. Love your tasty tradition!


  2. Those look incredible! YAY for a FUN (and SUGAR!!!) filled family treat + tradition every now + then:))

  3. Do you guys have any idea when the pictures from the double wedding will be available? I can't wait to see them!

    1. Keep watching the blog! We are excited to share them hopefully in the near future!

    2. Keep watching the blog! We are excited to share them hopefully in the near future!

  4. I was glad to be able to share in this day. I can attest to the doughnuts being really good.


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