Mitchell + Bryn || 9.2.2017

Today we are thrilled to share with y'all a few of the professional pictures from Mitchell + Bryn's wedding! Their photographer (SarahSmithStudio) did an incredible job capturing their day with such amazing portraits. 

It was a beautiful, beautiful day. God brought Mitchell + Bryn together in such an amazing way, and they are truly a match made in heaven. Their day was so centered on Jesus and what He had done in their lives. We hope you enjoy sharing in the day, in this little way, through these pictures.
Hair + makeup time for the bridal party ladies...

Reading their letters to each other.
They decided not to see each other until the ceremony, so the very first look they had was when Bryn walked down the aisle.
The stage decor.
Carson helping Mitch with his tie.
Sweet sister chat right before the ceremony. Rebecca absolutely adores Bryn and they have a very special relationship.
The bride + the mothers
Sweet prayer time
Mitchell + Mom
Last minute dress inspection!
Waiting, and waiting...
A full church house, ready for the wedding to begin!
Hudson walked our grandma in. 
Mitchell, welcoming everyone + giving the gospel at the beginning of the wedding.
The parents, lighting the candles.
Cutest sight of the whole wedding! Rebecca was the junior bridesmaid and Bryn's baby nephew, Logan, was the junior junior groomsman. She pulled him in- sleeping-in a wagon. It was adorable!
Bryn + her father
Bryn's father, opening the wedding with a welcome and prayer
Our dear father shared a challenge, per Mitchell's request
Love this!
First prayer as a married couple, after lighting the unity candle and signing the marriage license.
View from the stage
Family celebration all around!
The bridal party
Handsome groom + groomsmen

All the ladies!
The growing Bontrager family!
Three very happy newlywed couples. =)
So beautiful
This little miniature groomsman was a trooper literally ALL DAY except for this moment in which he had apparently just had enough of everything. =)
Mitchell + Bryn had a very delicious taco bar for their reception meal. 
Cutting the cake time!
Their reception was held in the town square, which is just a block down from the church. The weather was perfect and it was a beautiful celebration!
Nine of mom's siblings and/or siblings' spouses came from Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, + Florida, to attend the weddings. We were so blessed to have them + a whole host of cousins as well!
This is so them. =) Joking about something, apparently, right before the bouquet toss. 

And then off they drove...!
We hope you enjoyed these pictures from Mitchell + Bryn's special day! If you missed the livestream, you can watch the wedding video here. Stay tuned for Mitchell + Bryn's love story, coming sometime next month!

"This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes."
Psalm 118:23

Note: For those of you that have asked about the bridesmaids dresses, please visit Chelsy's post here for the links + details!


  1. Love Love these pictures! Even though I wasn't able to watch the live stream I watched there wedding afterwards! Thanks for all the pictures!

  2. I was so happy to see you uploaded the weddings to youtube!! I really liked how the married brothers escorted their new wives out of the ceremony, it was very classy how they handled the transition!!


  3. Those are such adorable pictures! I know you must be filled to overflowing with happiness! I can't wait to hear their love story!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, bontragers, for giving us this small glimpse into a simply beautiful day!

  5. It was SO beautifully God-glorifying! (And the gospel was so clearly given, PTL!) My favorite of these pictures is the "this is so them" picture. Sweetness. :) :) Praising Jesus with you guys!

  6. Aww!! Such a special day!! What a beautiful example of a man and a woman coming together God's way!

  7. Very very nice. I had to chuckle at the picture of Rebs pulling the wagon. Wish I could have seen it all.

  8. Awwww these are so beautiful!! And I love the three couples photo, too cute! :)

  9. I really like the modest bridesmaid dresses!! Where did you purchase those?

  10. Beautiful pictures!!! Can't wait till you post the love story!!

  11. Such a beautiful + happy day! Everyone looks so happy ❤

  12. Beautiful. Congratulations to Mitchell and Bryn! I'm so glad I got to watch it on the livestream! Am Praying for their marriage, and may God mightily bless them!

    Love, Rebecca

  13. Will y'all be posting about the other brother's weddings??

  14. Did the bridesmaids walk down to the Anne Of Green Gables music? SUCH a lovely and God-honoring wedding!! <3


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