Northern Tour 2017 || Post #24

We scheduled in a few days in Alaska (during the salmon run) for a little fishing! It wasn't a very good year for the salmon (so said the experts, and so we found!) but thankfully we were still able almost fill our several tags.
Dad + the younger three guys were the main fishermen. (Josh had other things on the docket-as in, visiting fiancĂ©! =)) Our dear fisherman friend from Delaware was there the same time we were (he was also with us four years ago-see this post here) and once again our guys were blessed by all his insider tips, locations, rental options, and "tricks of the trade"! 
Above, "fishing from the boat" selfie one day. 
Happy young man with his catch. =)
Wet and cold, but still smiling!
Rebs even got a chance to throw a line in!
And then she reeled this one in. Whoops! You might have to look closely... is that bait, or a catch? 
Its actually a catch! We teased her that it was just her size!! =)

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