Northern Tour 2017 || Post #23

We spent our third Sunday in Alaska singing in the Alaskan towns of Homer + Soldotna. In between the two, we stopped along the highway at the overlook and got a few pictures again. Come back for a special post tonight to see a little "then and now"
Sunday morning, in Homer.

Sibling love.
Sunday night concert in Soldotna!
Keepin' it real with Elizabeth's yawn of epic proportions, and everyone else's ultra serious expressions.
Ah, stage life. =)
 The energizer bunny boys! Love these two!
And I'll end out this post with a little fun. =) Check out these two pictures above---
2017, on the left, and 2013, on the right!
There are some pretty big differences that can happen in four years! In addition to (almost) everyone growing quite a bit, we have a smaller "tour" family now, but a much bigger family in reality, when we are all together, with the additions-in-love! =)

What do you think? Which Bontrager has grown/changed the most? Comment below! =)


  1. I LOVE Elisabeth's pink dress ... so pretty! did you make it?

    - Amy in NY.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I did make it. =)

    2. You made that elegant dress!? WOW.

    3. Do u have a pattern for that??? You can contact me here: rejoiceinthelordalways2016@gmail.com

    4. Sorry I don't-I mixed and matched patterns and made up parts of it! =)

  2. Chels, is Reb's red/white dress a creation of yours as well? It is so adorable!! yes, definitely Denver.:)

    1. Wow. Do you guys make the majority of your clothes?

    2. We make some, but not the majority. Occasionally dresses. The main thing I do is a lot of altering for purchased items.

  3. Did you make the dresses if yes who did?And really good job. Hope to see you again

    Pancho Taber AB

  4. It's hard to decide who grown/changed the most, there seems to be changes in just about everyone. I think the most changed are Denver, Taylor, Elizabeth, Hudson, and Rebecca.

  5. The 5-6 youngest all changed so much but denver especially!


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