Northern Tour 2017 || Post #20

One of our main Alaska highlights was the opportunity to again experience a morning ride with Alaska Horse Adventures. We cannot recommend this place highly enough! Four years ago, the owner attended our concert in Anchorage, and offered to take our whole family on his trail ride. (you might enjoy going back in time a bit and seeing this post we did about the trail ride, four years ago!) 

Four years later, on our return to Alaska, he took us again. What a TREAT. If you readers are ever in the Palmer/Anchorage area, we HIGHLY recommend this amazing ride! It is fabulous for all ages. The horses were great-they had everything from super calm to super feisty horses, and our friend (the owner) matched us up with horses that he thought would go with our personalities. How's that for first class service? =)
The scenery along the route was absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy a few pictures. =)
Dad with the owner's son. This guy was a fabulous little guide himself. =)
All ten!
A huge thanks goes to our friends at Alaska Horse Adventures, for blessing us with this ride!

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