Northern Tour 2017 || Post #12

Our first stop in Alaska! We were delighted to be back again in the little town of Skagway, Alaska, giving a concert Sunday night (a week ago) at the town public school, and enjoying a little time in the town on Monday. 
Sound check ahead of time. Note the little head sticking out of the announcers box up along the wall. Rebecca had to take advantage of an opportunity to be taller than everyone else, for once. =)
Pre concert instrument tuning, people meeting, and all-around preparing. 
Our family is shrinking! We used to have such a long line up for family intros and we honestly feel like such a little crew these days. =) Well, just in concert that is. As dad says every night when he tells the crowds about our current exciting family happenings, "We're not losing three sons...we're gaining three daughters!"
Discussing + plotting the best routes for a family hike. 
All ten of us!
Beautiful view from partway up the mountain.
Loved catching up with this friend (daughter of the pastor's family who hosted us) at her sweet little coffee shop that she owns + runs! 


  1. Will Joshua still continue touring with y'all after he gets married?

    1. Actually yes-he and Cassidy will continuing touring after they are married! Josh is very musical and loves the music ministry, and Cass also very musical + outgoing. And they both love to travel! It will be a great fit!


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