Northern Tour 2017 || Post #11

Here is a little glimpse into life on the road. Bear in mind, it is a VERY tiny glimpse. But just to give you an idea of a few things that go on, other than doing concerts and meeting hundreds and hundreds of people every week...
Above...music lessons! Rebecca is a very focused + gifted little student and we have great fun having piano lessons all over the country in various churches. =) 
And right along with music lessons come loads of music practice! There is a lot of individual practice, yes, but also quite a bit of group practice, especially with these four guys. Hudson's expressions while focusing on his bass leads are priceless. =)
Liz, getting in some math and Bible Bee study at a church in British Columbia. 
Our new bus mechanic! Over the past year and a half, Denver has done a great job stepping up and taking over several of Carson's jobs from the road, the main ones being running sound + keeping up with bus maintenance.
Sister love! We are so blessed to get to do life together! 
A very messy but very intense study corner of the bus-the back lounge. 
We sure do love our bus driver, MC, and servant leader! Pictured here cleaning up a mess of some kind in the bus.
Focused and diligent!
Kombucha making! We finally figured out a routine to make it on the road! Yay! Our family could live on this stuff. Well, maybe not the men. But the ladies, anyways! We all love it. Allison + Liz are mistresses of ceremonies and are always coming up with delightful new flavors and concoctions!
Brother story time.

And that's just a very tiny peek into a little daily life on the road, these days!


  1. I was wondering how to make kumbucha if you have never done it before.
    Thank you for sharing a little of your life on the road.

    1. I will see if Allison can share her recipes/instructions sometime in a future post!

  2. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Bontrager family! My name is Anna and we live in Australia. I love your blog, please come to Aus! I just wanted to say I'm 13, and I am doing the same MathUSee book as Liz! She and I also both have braces 😁
    Anyway, the scenery there is gorgeous, enjoy!


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