Northern Tour 2017 || Post #25

Along with the fishing, we filled those few "off" days with exploring the town, special outings with each other, bus projects, Bible Bee study, music practice, exercise, and office work. Above, Taylor and Liz playing piano duets at a local cafe.
Morning run with the sisters-to-be!
Lots of dates happened. =)
A special bus lunch with these four one day when everyone else was gone.
Mother/daughter time together.
Work/study time!
Mom listening to Elizabeth's BB verses.
When we pulled into the RV park (where we stayed during our fishing time in Soldotna) we were super surprised to hear our music playing from a nearby lodge! Later, we found out it was these guys listening to our music. (pictured above with Josh) They worked along the river and had gotten our cd at a recent concert they had attended. They came over to tell us how our music was blessing them. Such an encouragement!
Out on a hike---parents and the littles!

Northern Tour 2017 || Post #24

We scheduled in a few days in Alaska (during the salmon run) for a little fishing! It wasn't a very good year for the salmon (so said the experts, and so we found!) but thankfully we were still able almost fill our several tags.
Dad + the younger three guys were the main fishermen. (Josh had other things on the docket-as in, visiting fiancĂ©! =)) Our dear fisherman friend from Delaware was there the same time we were (he was also with us four years ago-see this post here) and once again our guys were blessed by all his insider tips, locations, rental options, and "tricks of the trade"! 
Above, "fishing from the boat" selfie one day. 
Happy young man with his catch. =)
Wet and cold, but still smiling!
Rebs even got a chance to throw a line in!
And then she reeled this one in. Whoops! You might have to look closely... is that bait, or a catch? 
Its actually a catch! We teased her that it was just her size!! =)


Northern Tour 2017 || Post #23

We spent our third Sunday in Alaska singing in the Alaskan towns of Homer + Soldotna. In between the two, we stopped along the highway at the overlook and got a few pictures again. Come back for a special post tonight to see a little "then and now"
Sunday morning, in Homer.

Sibling love.
Sunday night concert in Soldotna!
Keepin' it real with Elizabeth's yawn of epic proportions, and everyone else's ultra serious expressions.
Ah, stage life. =)
 The energizer bunny boys! Love these two!
And I'll end out this post with a little fun. =) Check out these two pictures above---
2017, on the left, and 2013, on the right!
There are some pretty big differences that can happen in four years! In addition to (almost) everyone growing quite a bit, we have a smaller "tour" family now, but a much bigger family in reality, when we are all together, with the additions-in-love! =)

What do you think? Which Bontrager has grown/changed the most? Comment below! =)


Northern Tour 2017 || Post #22

While in Soldotna, we got to again visit the fish camp of some dear friends (whom we met back in 2013) out along the ocean. We had a great evening around the campfire, and then a few of us got to get in on the fishing expedition of the following morning!


Northern Tour 2017 || Post #21

We spent an amazing evening with a big group of new friends. We are continually blessed by the hospitality of the family of God and enjoyed it here in Alaska just like everywhere else! There were dozens of children, dozens of adults, lots of food, and lots of noise. Just how we like it. =)
And oh yes, look who came to visit!! Such a delight to have Cassidy (Joshua's fiancé) join us for a week in Alaska! We loved having her along to adventure with us! And of course, Josh's smile was just a little bit bigger allll week long. =)
Bus cleaning became an event. =) Denver had many interested onlookers!
Pulling weeds with new friends.
Comparing skills with chess and checkers.
Great conversations...
...for one and all!
Amazing fellowship time!


Northern Tour 2017 || Post #20

One of our main Alaska highlights was the opportunity to again experience a morning ride with Alaska Horse Adventures. We cannot recommend this place highly enough! Four years ago, the owner attended our concert in Anchorage, and offered to take our whole family on his trail ride. (you might enjoy going back in time a bit and seeing this post we did about the trail ride, four years ago!) 

Four years later, on our return to Alaska, he took us again. What a TREAT. If you readers are ever in the Palmer/Anchorage area, we HIGHLY recommend this amazing ride! It is fabulous for all ages. The horses were great-they had everything from super calm to super feisty horses, and our friend (the owner) matched us up with horses that he thought would go with our personalities. How's that for first class service? =)
The scenery along the route was absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy a few pictures. =)
Dad with the owner's son. This guy was a fabulous little guide himself. =)
All ten!
A huge thanks goes to our friends at Alaska Horse Adventures, for blessing us with this ride!