Spring Evening Family Fun

These days, our family consists of more adults than children, and most evenings find us rather scattered with various ministry opportunities, social outings, etc. etc. The evenings that we DO have all together are very special and treasured, because they aren't as many as they used to be when everyone was little and running the same schedule!

The evening of Easter Sunday, we had just returned from our family reunion, and Rebecca asked if we could play an old OLD family favorite, "Kick the Can". We hadn't played this game for a very long time, and goodness, we had a RIOT! If you can imagine, it was typical Bontrager style---loud, crazy, and wild! Of course, we tried to be quiet while we were hiding...but let me assure you that the can was kicked with pizzaz (accompanied by yells + cheers) every time! =)

Our encouragement to families, in whatever stage of life you may be, is to seize the moment today to spend time together and treasure your family! Life changes so quickly and you will never again have today. Take the time to be together and love on each other. You won't regret it.

"Yesterday's gone, and tomorrow may never come...but we have this moment TODAY."


  1. All this makes me think of the song I really love of the group "Cherish the Moment". Such a great song and very true.

  2. Sounds like our house! So glad you had a good Easter and family time together, it is so important! I am keeping you guys in my prayers, thanks for the updates.

  3. I'm sure you all have lots going on to keep you busy in the evenings, even during the cloudy season we've had this spring! Can't wait to come to your party in September!!

  4. Jochebed BencheaMay 7, 2017 at 7:59 PM

    Wow! Sounds like y'all had heaps of fun and memories made!


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