Carson + Carolina's Engagement Party

About a week after Carson + Lina's engagement, the Bowers clan (Lina's family) invited ours over for a celebration...family-style! We had such a riot! Lots of laughter, conversation, yummy food, and even a few very very happy tears of joy at the answering of so many people's prayers for these two. If ever there was a prayed-for couple, Carson + Lina was it! 
{Note: They have decided to wait to write out their story, here on the blog, until after their wedding. However, if you are able to snag them in person sometime, I guarantee you will get all of the details!)
Beautiful table settings.
The beverage counter.
Happy families!

You can't go wrong with a menu like this!
So much good food.
Cassidy (Lina's younger sister) prepared this labor of love---a beautiful wall covered with pictures of Carson + Lina...from their childhood, all the way to their relationship. So sweet.
Napkins-C for Carson + L for Lina. (her full name is Carolina, but she mostly goes by "Lina")
Carson + Lina, we love y'all so much, and are so thankful we could celebrate your engagement with you! Can't wait to party on your wedding day in September!

"I love you for all that you are, for all that you've been, and for all that you're yet to be."


  1. Jochebed BencheaMay 13, 2017 at 10:07 AM

    Awwe!! What a cute couple! God bless you both!

  2. SO much fun! It was great to see some Bontragers and Bowers the other night and get the story from Lina. :) So happy for them!

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  4. Oh wow, this is so great - I can just imagine the resounding, vibrant JOY in that kitchen!! :) And Cassidy's photo wall is epic. :) Such exciting times!!


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