Amish Wedding Song!

Just wanted to give y'all a little humor for your day. =) This video probably won't be funny to you if you don't have Amish/Mennonite background...but if you do have any Mennonite in your blood, you really won't be able to get through watching this without a few chuckles! 
And actually you might just laugh too, even if you haven't ever been Amish or Mennonite!

A little background to the story of this song---our family met John Schmid (the writer of this song) a few years ago through prison ministry. Somewhere along the way, we acquired several of his cds, and our younger ones promptly proceeded to listen to them over and over again and memorize the songs on them, specifically the "funny ones". 

Now, it really only works to perform this song in a crowd of mostly Mennonites/Amish, because those are the people who "get" the song. =) Our recent concert in Birky Square, Sarasota, Florida, almost two weeks ago, with around 600 people in attendance (mostly Amish, Mennonite, or ex) was the perfect place for Hudson's "Amish Wedding" debut. =) 



  1. That is hilarious! It was so nice to meet some of you at Roberts Barn last weekend! :)

    The Stevens Family

  2. loved hearing him, love his voice and interactions with it! Love the tune too and the brothers playing for him, however, I was not able to catch a single word of the song! it was all kinda blured to hear, not clear, i'd love to hear him sing it again on a cd or such??!!!! wonderful except could not understand it! love your whole family of singers, went to your farm few years ago at Labor Day when the Duggars were there! I work Holidays at my hospice job so seldom can attend such events, esp far away. Blessings! Karen Vink

  3. I needed this. Knowing as many Amish folks as I do now makes this even more funny. Some one thank Hudson for me. This is the most Hudson thing ever.

  4. This was hilarious! You know I don't have that background, but am familiar with it, and even I was chuckling! Hudson did so well!

  5. This was so funny Hudson....great job everybody....I gu as we have enough Mennonite in us because you got some hearty laughs from the Craigs. Miss you guys.... Laura for the crew

  6. This was HILARIOUS!!!! Great job y'all! =)

  7. That was hilarious! Good job Huds!

  8. Now, that was pretty funny! Good job Huds! Praying for you guys!


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