A Cousin's Bridal Shower

In celebration of our dear cousin's upcoming wedding, we hosted a bridal shower for her. We choose an "Around the Clock" theme. We did this same theme for another cousin's bridal shower two years ago and loved it so we did it again this time. =)
Mom did a wonderful job hosting and coordinating the shower.
No shower would truly be complete without some yummy foods!
 Because we had the shower the day before the reunion, nearly all of the aunts/girl cousins were around and were able to attend.
I had such fun putting together this basket of picnic things for my "lunch hour" gift.
The bride-to-be, with her mother and sis-in-law.

Sadly I completely forgot and didn't get any posed pictures at the shower. =( So I'll end with this one that we got together a few months ago when we were out wedding dress shopping.


  1. Congradualtions to the bride to be.
    In Christ,

  2. Oh yes!!:) I no that bride 2 b! She is also my cousin...2nd that is!!:) -Sarah Schrock

  3. Wow. Was that really two years ago? :-0 you ladies are lovely bridal shower hostesses. :)


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