After 8 days at home, we headed out once again, this time for a short trip (just 9 days).  On the schedule for this trip were 7 concerts (in IL, IN, OH, and NC), a day at the Creation Museum, and a dvd shoot.  Here are some photos of the trip, minus concerts and everyday-bus-life photos.:)
Monday we headed to the Creation Museum.  Taylor was given a museum family pass two years ago when he placed 2nd at the National Bible Bee.  We love the Creation Museum so much!  It is filled with history of our earth and evidence of our wonderful Creator!  If you ever have the opportunity to go, this one of our family's top recommendations for a field trip/family day.
This is sad.  I am grateful that their certainly is absolute truth in the Word of God.
little Miss Rebecca with the deer
The display of Adam, Eve, and their family is awesome!
I think the Noah display is probably our family favorite!  Hearing Noah and some of his family members "talk" is pretty fun.:)
The littles loved putting coins in the coin-go-round thing (ok, there's a technical name, but what is it?:). And the coins go to support Answers in Genesis!
the museum bookstore
We are a family of bookworms, so, naturally, we love bookstores!
smiles outside the museum:)
family photo time!
Thursday we had a new experience, shooting a dvd of the Bontrager Family Singers on-stage.  
The camera crew, tech guys, and producers were amazing!  They were all so good to work with; they did a great job keeping things moving while paying attention to detail.
More information to follow!  (We will definitely be letting ya'll know when the dvd is released.)
Mother loved connecting with two of her cousins, Lydia Miller and Vivian Stoltzfus.
We sang at some dear friend's church Wednesday night, and they were so gracious in opening their home to us.  We are continually blessed by all the dear friends across the miles who host our family!
We had some rousing games and sweet fellowship!
beautiful biscotti
Several friends strongly recommended visiting the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC.  We were driving right past and had a little time Friday forenoon, so we stopped.
Here is the "tree" of faithful people that led to Billy Graham's conversion.
We were so blessed by the kind folks at the library!  They were fabulous tour guides.  We arrived at the library unsure of what to expect, and went away total inspired by God's faithfulness and what He can do with any humble Christian who loves Him with all their heart.  We would definitely recommend this wonderful place to others!  
"Every good and every perfect gift is from above...."
James 1:17a
We are grateful for God's faithfulness and protection in our travels once again.  That is a gift! 


{home again}

Just poppin' in here to let ya'll know that we are safely home!!!  The bus pulled in the driveway yesterday morning about 3:30.  You know, transferring the belongings of 12 people (for 2 and 1/2 months) from a bus to a house pretty much means that said house may look like a tornado has hit, at least for a number of hours.  At this point, I am happy to report, it seems there has been success towards restoring a very minuscule small amount of order to the chaos.:)  

Thank you all for your prayers on our winter tour!  It was a trip full of witnessing answered prayers, making memories, learning, and seeing God work.  God is good, and we specifically saw His hand of protection numerous times!  It was also a joy to see Him working in so many people's lives.  He is faithful!   

"Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name." Psalm 103:1


We Care Tour Photos

We have been enjoying our time traveling with the We Care folks on their spring fundraising tour.  We have been in nursing homes, churches, and restaurants in South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois.
the little ones singing "Do Right"
We loved observing the presentation and enjoying the delicious food at the restaurants where we did programs.
playing prelude music
the seated crowd
Dad and Taylor discussing something:)
tear down time
Mitchell & Carson
Hudson and Rebecca-eating cherry tomatoes!
Josh + his dobro
the girls
Josh, Denver, Chelsy, & Liz 
Rebecca & Mother
Mother & Father
beautiful strawberry shortcake
the instruments
more prelude music......we enjoyed playing instrumental pieces together at the start of the banquets.