{Concert Photos}

We don't often get photos of our concerts, but one evening in Seminole, Texas, Chels took her camera along in and we captured some "concert moments".  
These little ones love to sing!  Probably my favorite moment every concert is when I get to sit down and hear them sing "Do Right".  Their voices are so fresh and young and their enthusiasm inspires me.
"Do right till the stars fall.
Do right till the last call.
Do right when there's no one else to stand by you.
Do right when you're all alone.
Do right though it's never known.
Do right since you love the Lord.
Do right, do right."
"It's shoutin' time in heaven,
A sinner once lost was found.
It's shoutin' time in heaven,
Salvation has been brought down.
No wonder the angels rejoice to know
My sins have been covered by the crimson flow."
Here's Josh, reading backstage.:)
This is so classic Taylor!
We use 16 instruments in a typical concert.
"Only believe on the Lord Jesus Christ
And you will be saved.
He will never let you down.
He is faithful then as now.
He is God,
He'll never change.
His mighty power remains the same.
Only believe,
And you will be saved."
Liz, Hudson, and Rebecca backstage
Rebecca loves to color or look at books when she's not on stage singing.


  1. Oh wow! I love those outfits!!! And I like that church building! It was a nice one! :) Thanks for posting! <3 Mary

  2. Whoa! Those are some killer red heels Chels! ;)

  3. Hey, just wondering if this was at the Mennonite Evangelical Church in Seminole? I have cousins there.
    Love to see pictures of you singing!

  4. That's so kewl! I love all of the songs u all do.
    In Christ,


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