These two add such sunshine in the Bontrager home.  
The other day, Rebecca gave me a piece of paper- a "letter".  In big purple letters was written,
" A lantern without light
is like a face without a  smile.
Love Rebecca "

Her quote-letter is in a prominent place on my desk, where it will stay for awhile.  I need to be reminded of this truth, 'cause who wants to be a lantern without light?

{posted by Allison}


  1. We all need to be reminded of that every now and then! :)

  2. How sweet!
    She has a good point! :)


  3. So sweet! Can u give ur sisters and mom a hug from me?
    In Christ,

  4. That is too sweet!!! That is a very good quote too!! Thanks for updating! LOVE the updates! -Mary Ebersole

  5. How sweet! The quote she shared with you is so true. It was so cute when Chels introduced Rebecca and I, and she sweetly exclaimed, "Now I know three Alli's!" :) Ya gotta adore little ones.


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