Past Three Weeks||Where We've Been

So.  We thought we would let you all in on some of our projects and craziness from the past month.  Life has been full of hard work, grand adventures, beautiful memories, school, traveling, crazy schedules, Bible Bee, events/planning, etc.  Here's a recap of a few of our adventures:
Our mother was in charge of putting together approx. 70 gift baskets for a conference out church had in September.  She did a lovely job!
Chels is so super good at gift wrapping.  
Our dear Mitchell got his wisdom teeth extracted a few weeks ago.  He had a lovely chipmunk cheek for a few days.  Not sure how much the whole process actually hurt- this man has an amazing pain tolerance.
Chess game on the back of the truck- what could be better?!:)
four wheeler rides by Carson.  He loves his little siblings so much.
Huds trying to teach Javan how to play chess.:)  It was rather a fail-maybe in a few years?  Believe it it or not, these guys are three and a half years apart.  Javan just happens to be closer to Hudson's size than Rebecca's.:)  Oh, and for those wondering, Javan is the little cutie that I so love babysitting.
We took time one evening to do a cook-out.  It was so fun to relax out in the woods and enjoy all the fire-cooked yummies.

Denver was so pleased with this buck he shot one Saturday morning.  Denver is probably the most dedicated hunter in the family- he loves the outdoors and the thrill of hunting and trapping.

{Church Anniversary Celebration}
Our church's 40th anniversary celebration was a special time of worshipping the Lord and rejoicing in His goodness.

Some of the boys helped grill for the big noon meal that Sunday.

Huds and his friend Jonah.
Mother and Liz serving in the food line.

{Shipshewanna, Indiana}
These dear people.  They took our whole huge family out for breakfast and we had such an epic time of feeding the face, encouragement, and laughter.  Thanks, Brubachers. 
We sang 11 times in four days.  It was quite the weekend! 

The little ones loved the chance to ride in these!  
 These ladies are such a blessing!  They are from two of the other groups that sang during the weekend, and it's been a pleasure getting to know them and their families a little over the past few years.
Chels and I were so blessed by our time on staff at the Bright Lights and Radiant Purity conferences in MN.  More details here.

{Surprise Party}
We had a delightful time at the party for Charity, our pastor's wife and dear friend.  We were thrilled to totally surprise her.  Above are Chels and I with dear friends who we worked with on this party.
Liz and Lydia.
{Girls Road Trip}
Chels and I just got home from a lovely weekend with these ladies (+ a few more joined us for part of the time).  Chels will be doing a post about it on her blog soon.
And I close with a quote that is currently on our chalkboard door:
"Faith expects from God what is beyond expectations."

Expect big things today!

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7th Annual Family Camp Recap

{can't believe its taken me a almost a month to finally post this!}
This year was the biggest family camp yet, with around 250 people in attendance!
God once again just moved way beyond what we could have imagined. The week was full of testimonies and times of healing and strengthening for every family present.
It was an amazing thing to be there and to be a part of it all.
Everyone said it definitely was the best year yet. =)
(below-pictures from the week, posted in random order)
The first night we had a great ice-breaker game; the same one we played last year, actually.
Families were put into groups of 5-6 families per group.
Each group was given a tool from "the old days".
(dad had gotten these tools from a friend of ours who collects antiques)
Dad told each group what the tool used to be used for.
Then one person from the group told the true meaning of the tool, while three others made up stories of what the tool was used for.
Everyone else had to guess which of the four stories were true.
It was hilarious. We found out that we had some amazing, um "story-tellers", in our midst. =)
Above, Josh shares on of the "made up" descriptions. He had everyone in stitches by the time he was done!
Dad led/organized the chapel hour each morning, as well as the father/son times.
little girls coloring during the mother/daughter session.
everyone lining up for the "Mighty, Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenge"!
One afternoon I (along with a friend) taught a workshop on remaking clothing.
Josh, preparing to jump off the top deck, onto the blob
If you haven't ever experienced "the blob", well then, you should come to camp. =)
it is a great invention-basically a big ballon type thing. One person sits on the one end and another person jumps unto the other end, sending person #1 flying into the air and eventually into the water. =)
panel discussion with some ladies during the mother/daughter time
the great, the marvelous, the exhilerating...SPEED VOLLEYBALL!!
{some of us may or may not have played til 4:30am one morning =)}
pull, Josh!
lovely friends
happy faces
a few boys?!
this picture cracks me up-Carson's legs look SOO long!
waiting for rescue!
taylor & nathanael...caught!
mitchell saves the day by getting through enemy lines and bringing back a trophy!
digging into God's Word each evening...
Mr. Wissmann shared during each evening session time.
The theme this year was "The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom".
Our theme passage was Psalm 111:10-112:3,
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do His commandments: His praise endureth forever. Praise ye the Lord. Blessed is the man that feareth the Lord, that delighteth greatly in His commandments.His seed shall be mighty upon earth: the generation of the upright shall be blessed. Wealth and riches shall be in his house, and his righteousness endureth forever."
Dad, giving instructions
the cheerleaders!
paddle faster, Taylor!
fun at the lake
somehow in the flurry of packing for the trip the little girls swimsuits were forgotten.
But being the little fish that they are, they just couldn't stay out of the water!
So they jumped in anyway, fully dressed..
Allison with friends at the lake
Dad & Joshua
Allison & Joshua, watching the activities
This situation looks bad, but it was actually pretty funny. 
Denver had a little miscommunication with his paddler guy and their kyak got stuck under one of the water slides. Denver was sandwiches in between the slide and the boat. 
{from his expression, it looks like he is hurt, but really he wasn't-he was frustrated and trying to explain to everyone why he didn't win =)}
Joshua & a bunch of others, in line for the blob
Denver, back to smiling...
scripture memory..with motions!
the misses Sarah Edwards (Hannah) 
& Annabelle Rose Wicks (Allison)
interuppted the mother/daughter sessions each morning, bringing laughter & fun as 
 a news broadcast duo from TLC, which stands for...
well, Miss Sarah Edwards said it stood for "True Life Counsel"
MIss Annabelle Rose Wicks was SURE that it was much more appropriately
"The Love Crisis".
They were MOST entertaining.
storytime with Grandma MaryAnn!
a panel discussion with the single twenty-something year olds.
flags on the lawn...on 9/11, in memory of those who lost their lives.
another highlight for me was the privilege of using a friend's 5D Mark III with the 70-200mm lens.
I was in heaven. =)
waiting for the signal...
the yummy food is always a big highlight at family camp!

the last night Mitchell invited all the young people to the dining lounge for a time of sharing, prayer, and worship. It lasted several hours and was definitely one of my highlights of the week! Its so amazing to come together with other young people like this and to push each other deeper into truth and knowledge of God and His Word. It was awesome!

there was special music every night. On the last night our family sang.

And I'll end with the slideshow, in case anyone is interested in seeing all 500+ pictures. =)
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