Rebecca's 6th Birthday

Almost a month ago, we spent a lovely evening celebrating Rebecca's birthday.  If you've been following our blog very long, you may remember that some of our birthday traditions include having a meal and dessert of the birthday person's choosing, sharing what we appreciate about the birthday person, gifts (us children usually pool $$ on gifts), and a game chosen by the birthday person.  

Enjoy a recap of Rebecca's Party:

Rebecca requested a violin cake (after months of considering what kind of cake she should have:).  This beautiful cake was the result of Mother's + Mrs. Adam's creativity.  Oh, and the cake was Chelsy's amazing recipe.

Rebecca was thrilled!!!

Gifts are so fun.

Hudson helping read a card.

Clothes are always appreciated by girls, right?:)
After dinner and gifts, we headed outside for a game of "piggy wants a motion".  It was such great fun!  

"And Jesus increased in wisdom in stature, and in favor with God and man." [Luke 2:52]

That is what we wish for Rebecca's next year of life.  Well, maybe not the stature part- some of us are rather sad to see "our baby" growing up so quickly!  But we do love seeing her becoming such a delightful young lady.

[posted by Allison] 


  1. love the cake! looks like so much fun! :)

  2. How sweet! The cake is a masterpiece! :)

  3. Happy (late) birthday to Rebecca. She is so cute. And what an awesome violin cake!! Good choice!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Rebecca! Is she 6 and what grade is she in? Glad you all had a good birthday for Rebecca! What flavor was the cake? My moms birthday is 2morrow!
    In Christ,

  5. awww....thank you for sharing! I love all of her expressions! So sweet!

  6. Have to ask where you learned piggy-wants-a-motion... We learned that game from some friends who were taught by an elderly woman. We taught all our friends and I know they went on to teach most if their friends. Fun game!

  7. Happy late birthday Rebecca! Love you, girlie!
    PS I was looking for something in my closet the other day and found a sweet Strawberry Shortcake picture you colored for me....it made me smile! :) Thanks!

  8. Bethany-

    I think my parents learned it growing up. Maybe it's one of those "old time" games? We've loved it so much over the years!


  9. That's neat! Its a game worth passing on to the next generation ;)

  10. These pictures are so sweet and the picture of Hudson reading the card to Rebecca pretty much melted my heart. =) Love how the cake turned out for the Allison-in-the-making violinist. ;) So glad to hear that Rebecca had a memorable birthday and thankful for her sweet friendship! =) Blessings!


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