Carson&Joshua's Graduation Open House

Our handsome seniors, class of 2013!
The Friday following Labor Day, we had a graduation open house party for Carson(17) & Joshua(16).
Carson finished his school about 1/2 a yr ago but since Josh was so close to done he decided to wait on having a party til Josh was done and they could have theirs together.
It was a little crazy to get ready for another big event just several days after our big Labor Day celebration, but we managed. =)
We've found that it works out well to have grad parties after Labor Day...because we can use the Labor Day food leftovers! =)
For this party we served leftover hamburgers & also leftover icecream from Labor Day, along with a host of other yummies.

 I was so busy with the decorating and the food prep that I almost forgot to take pictures!
 we way overestimated on the fudge sauce plus hardly anyone ate it, for some reason, so we ended up with literally quarts of leftovers. It was pretty funny! 
(with that much leftover, we ate it it by the bowl-full for breakfast the next morning. just kidding)
These pictures were taken at the beginning of the party, when there were just a few people there. Many more friends and relatives came as the evening went on. 
The party was ended with late night volleyball games which lasted til 12am. =)
 Afterwards I remembered that I hadn't gotten any pictures of their tables!
So I quickly took some, even though it was quite dark by then.
 I took a few of their senior pictures and made this photo board with them. 
I didn't notice til afterwards that apparently one of Carsons photos on the top left, had fallen down. Oh well. =)
Carson's side
and Joshua's side
Congratulations boys! We love you guys!
Carson & Joshua's senior photo shoots will be posted on my blog next week. Stay tuned!

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Rebecca's 6th Birthday

Almost a month ago, we spent a lovely evening celebrating Rebecca's birthday.  If you've been following our blog very long, you may remember that some of our birthday traditions include having a meal and dessert of the birthday person's choosing, sharing what we appreciate about the birthday person, gifts (us children usually pool $$ on gifts), and a game chosen by the birthday person.  

Enjoy a recap of Rebecca's Party:

Rebecca requested a violin cake (after months of considering what kind of cake she should have:).  This beautiful cake was the result of Mother's + Mrs. Adam's creativity.  Oh, and the cake was Chelsy's amazing recipe.

Rebecca was thrilled!!!

Gifts are so fun.

Hudson helping read a card.

Clothes are always appreciated by girls, right?:)
After dinner and gifts, we headed outside for a game of "piggy wants a motion".  It was such great fun!  

"And Jesus increased in wisdom in stature, and in favor with God and man." [Luke 2:52]

That is what we wish for Rebecca's next year of life.  Well, maybe not the stature part- some of us are rather sad to see "our baby" growing up so quickly!  But we do love seeing her becoming such a delightful young lady.

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//Photo Update//

I know, we're been rather silent for several weeks here on the blog!  The week following Labor Day, we had some lovely company, varied preparations for family camp, and packing for a two week trip.  Since then we've been traveling and all that.  But, as of this morning, we are back home and settling into farm life.  We are ready to share some of the un-posted adventures of the last month, so stay tuned!  

For now, here are a few photos from the latter part of our trip.  And, a big thanks to all the sweet friends who hosted us on this trip.  We were overwhelmed by your hospitality and kindness!

Liz & Rebs always love some girl time playin' dolls with friends.:)
What could be better than delicious lunch + perfect weather + dear friends?!
dear little people......wonder what all they were discussing here?:)
The guys had a great time doing a little shooting.
This group of younguns' had quite a party singing to the neighbors!
random photo of the bus parked by a corn field.....
We had to have a photo with these lovely ladies.....I mean, we all matched!!!  
lovely little country church
Mother with friends
We don't seem to get photos very often of us singing, but here's one someone snapped at a recent concert.  I love singing "Heaven Came Down" in four part harmony with some of my favorite people.

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Labor Day 2013 || Pictures

A pile of people. (about 1,500 to be exact)
A pile of work.
And a pile of fun.
So many memories made this year! 
With all that said..enjoy this post of the day in pictures!
It all ended with volleyball til the wee hours of Tuesday morning.
{read: aching feet}

Praise to the Lord-great things HE has done!
We are so thankful for all the answered prayers and His faithfulness that was evident in every details of the day!

{Many thanks to Hannah, David, Josiah, & Tia for the awesome pictures!}