Bible Bee Update||Heading to Nationals!!

All day long anticipation has been building in the Bontrager household, as tonight at 6pm the local Bible Bee scores were scheduled to be posted on the Bible Bee website, and we would find out who had advanced to nationals.
As is typical, different people were on various computers and everyone was "haunting" the Bible Bee site, waiting anxiously for the annoucement.
And then it came!!
I am thrilled to announce that my four little brothers are heading to nationals!!
Joshua (senior division)
Denver (junior division)
Taylor (junior division)
Hudson (primary division)
Seems we just can't get away from the "brotherly competition". =) 
Denver & Taylor will be competing against each other!
I am so proud of all of my five siblings (pictured above) who participated in the Bible Bee this year.
They spent a large portion of their summer delving into God's Word and hiding it in their hearts.
In God's sight they are ALL winners for the scripture they have hidden in their hearts!
Congrats also to all of our "Bible Bee friends" who treasure God's word and are committing it to memory!
The boys are excited about seeing some of you at nationals in November!
-posted by chelsy


    Two of my siblings and I all made it to natonals!

  2. Our family will also be there. We are very excited! Congratulations to all of you!
    The Whitakers

  3. You all did so well! Looking forward to seeing you in November, Lord-willing!

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Very excited for you 4! :) And then rest of you! :) Praying for ya'll, Mary

  5. Congrats to the Bontrager quartet! Our sister Anna also made it to Nationals, so will see you in TN!

  6. Congratulations Joshua, Taylor, Denver, and Husdson! I pray u all do good at Nationals!
    In Christ,

  7. congrats to Joshua, Denver, Taylor and Hudson I will be praying for you 4 boys at nationals


  8. Yea, so excited to see they made it to Nationals! Extra-special since I saw them working on it when they were here. The verses will stay with them forever, which is the best part! ~SH


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