From Alaska to Canada

After a very wonderful two weeks in Alaska,
today this bus is heading toward home!
It will take us three weeks (and many concerts) to get back, but we're headin' in the right direction! =)
If you think of us, please pray for safety for us and the bus over the next 1,755 miles.
According to mapquest, we have 33 hours to drive between now and our concert Wednesday night. 
(traveling takes longer up here due to the mountains and rough terrain)
Thankfully we have three very capable drivers! =)
(I have posts from the last two weeks, scheduled to publish over the next 4 days, so there will still be updates, even though we won't have internet!)

posted by chelsy


  1. I am *excited*! can't wait to see you all.

  2. YAY!!! We are thrilled and excited! :) We CAN'T wait till Labor Day!! That will be wonderful! :) Anyhow, we ARE praying for you and are just so excited that you are "on your way HOME!" Thanks for the post! I get on here everyday and check for new post! :) I just love any post you put on! ~Mary

  3. I look forward to the upcoming posts. Love your family and saft traveling. Rachelle

  4. I'll keep your family in my prays. Can't wait 4 the upcoming post!
    In Christ,

  5. I was just wondering,who are the three people who drive your bus? I will be praying for your family. Sarah

  6. Sounds good! I am excited about seeing you guys soon!

  7. Hi Sarah!

    Dad, Mitchell, and Carson are our bus drivers, and they do a fabulous job!



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