Family Softball

We had an oh-so-fun family softball game two weeks ago.
(we were on our way to our evening concert and had a little spare time in the morning)
So many moments and memories we have are together.
There is no one I'd rather play softball with, no one I'd rather climb a mountain with, no one I'd rather sit around the dinner table with, no one I'd rather spend two months in a 45 foot bus with, than this crew.   
Here are the captured moments of our family game:
some sort of family pow-wow?:)
Our dear little on-looker.  She did get a couple hits in, but mostly she ran around in the dug-out, elated at the whole experience.

Here we are.....all smiles after the big game!  
A few crazy pictures.

-posted by Allison


  1. Looks like you made some fun memories together! We love family baseball/softball games, too. :) Blessings + praying as you travel!

  2. Awwwweeeee I love creating memories!!!! My mom, sister, r friends(Pirate and Jena), and I went to bursh gardens on Tuesday and we created a lot of memories!!!!! My fam and I don't play outside games that much but we LOVE playing board games!!
    In Christ,


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