Tale of the Chipmunk Cheek

This is what happens when a line drive baseball hit meets the cheek of a little boy sitting in outfield!
Thankfully nothing was broken; we were so grateful that it hit his cheek and not his eye or forehead. For the first day he had a VERY swollen/bloated cheek, and each day after that he was our little rainbow boy, with his cheek changing colors from purple, to blue, to yellow...=)
This all happened on the 10th (and pictures were taken then) so now all the swelling and most of the more vibrant coloring is gone and he is just left with a cheek that looks dirty from the varying more muted colors.
Bless his heart...he let me take these pictures on condition that I would take him out to icecream. =)


  1. Ouch!!! sorry that happened. Bet it did really hurt!! i know from experience that chipmunk cheeks are not fun. they also get a lot of jokes! but the ice cream sounds good!! so......if i happen to met a ball on outfield and let u take pics. will i get ice cream too!;)

  2. Aww, hope he feels better soon! A few years ago, my brother got hit in the face with a pitch, so he knows what Hudson's going through!
    Praying for ya'll :)

  3. Oh DEAR.... that is SAD... what a thing to happen on a trip.. I am thankful there were NO broken bones! PTL...

  4. Oh no! Poor little guy. Hope you feel better soon, Hudson. Hope the ice cream cheers you up.

    Rebecca K.

  5. Looks like you guys need to get some Arnica Gel. We use this stuff all the time for ouchers of this type and I'd hate to live without it...it could be painful! When my wisdom teeth were removed, I used this stuff and had no discoloration of any kind; it sure does work! :)

  6. Oh dear! Looks like he can barely smile! Praise Jesus he wasn't hurt more!

  7. Hi Cheyne,

    Thanks for the tip! I've never heard of arnica gel....sounds like something we should keep on hand.:) Although I think Huds kinda liked the attention from having such a multi-colored face.:)


  8. Aww poor Husdon. That is Husdon right? A few years ago my sister fell down are stairs, she broke her right wrist and her face was all swollen. When I was about 8 I shut are the car door on my left pinky finger and it was Valentimes day.
    In Christ,


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