Check out the New Look!

 It's a spring/summer of all things NEW and EXCITING!
among other things...our very own amazing Allison just gave our fam website a total makeover! 
And it is awesome-check it out here!
Be sure to check out all of the pages-each has different new pictures, as well as other new features!
{after you are done browsing...please come back here and leave a comment to let her know what a fantastic job she did!}
 Our photographer {Gehman Photography} braved the cold with us back in April and took these beautiful pictures.
Our media graphic designer produced some beautiful new products for us.....
...such as the poster below, for example.
currently they are most likely plastered over various parts of five Canadian provinces, the Yukon Territory, & Canada, as well as Iowa, South Dakota, Minnesota, & Michigan. =)
Click HERE to check our updated 2013 schedule and to see if we will be coming to an area near you!
We'd love to meet some of you, our blog readers, at a concert!
 Our amazing engineerers & producers from the studio worked with us on our latest project which just got finished up! 
{the music part is finished-and we are so excited about the upcoming release in July!}
 Our cd graphic designer is currently working on the design for the soon-to-be-released new cd.
And this crazy team worked
 (and is still working!)
as singers, musicians, teachers, students, and the powerhouse work force. =)


  1. Nice job Allison, I love it!!

    ~Bianca, New Zealand

  2. Allison did a great job


  3. Oh, Allison did an incredible job! So beautiful. I love you girl's dresses. Chels, the picture of you is lovely! :) Glad to see that you are all doing well.

  4. I like it! Beautiful. Great job, Allison. It looks very well done.

    Can't wait to see or get your new cd when it comes out.


  5. Beautiful job on the website!!!
    And great pictures!!!
    What is that building behind your family? It's a background for pics!
    ~Hannah P.

  6. Okay, so the website design is absolutely AMAZING, Allison! It looks so beautiful {wow} and I'm so inspired by your example of how you use your *many* gifts to serve + glorify the Lord. Super excited for the new cd, too! And it looks like you all have quite the schedule ahead...praying! :) Blessings!

  7. Hi Hannah!

    The building with pillars is the back side of the old Capital building in Iowa City. The other building (the one with the cool dark wood doors) is a church in downtown Iowa City.


  8. hey!! great job, Alli!! Love the makeover!! you all look great, and love the colors! Thanks for posting!

  9. love love love love love! Y'all are awesome as always! Can't wait to see ya'll again!

  10. Great job Allison!! The website is beautiful!

    Allison Ockenfels

  11. GOOD job Allison! That is gorgeous! And I agree, I love your dresses! You girls are some of the prettiest girls I know!!! <3 ya girls, and I am praying for your family, Mary Anne

  12. Love the pictures!
    Allison you did an amazing job! It looks great!


  13. ALLISON!!! The new website look is UH-mazing! Girl, you have talent!!! =D
    Love it. Love it! All of you look STUNNING in purple. And Oh my word. The picture of Taylor, Denver and Hudson in the fedoras is priceless! Love the boys oufits and don't even get me started on yours and Chelsy's dresses. Love them. Love them!

    Yours Truly,

  14. Great pictures!:) I really like the colors you all did.:)

  15. I see NYP family camp on the schedule! I like that :)

  16. Love it!!!You did a great job Allison!!
    ::Katrina Swartzentruber from Missouri

  17. Awesome Job!!!!!!!!! Love the new site! I am looking at all your old pics:)


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