OurTIme Youth Conference

A little recap of the past two weeks....we were very involved in our church's annual multi-state youth conference (above). It was busy and crazy but so worth the effort to see God move in such mighty ways!
There were fun games (including a dunking contest the the baptistry between two of the featured speakers =)) and excellent, challenging messages, as well as lots of music. Many young people got right with God and there was truly a spirit of revival as God worked on the hearts of those attending.
Special Music:: "We Stand"
{we left from that for a 10-day tour to MO/AR/OK/TX, and also to attend a family homeschool conference in TX. It was a jam-packed two weeks. We are very excited to now be home to stay for most of May!}

-posted by chelsy


  1. AMEN!!!! What a fantastic Our Time! And it is so true, we NEED to stand! No matter WHAT!!! Thanks for posting, Mary

  2. Saw quite a few people we know there!! Mostly from a former church of ours :) :) looked like a really good conference, and I love the song "We Stand!"

  3. Wow!! That looks so fun!!! I wish i could do those things!!!
    In Christ,


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