OurTIme Youth Conference

A little recap of the past two weeks....we were very involved in our church's annual multi-state youth conference (above). It was busy and crazy but so worth the effort to see God move in such mighty ways!
There were fun games (including a dunking contest the the baptistry between two of the featured speakers =)) and excellent, challenging messages, as well as lots of music. Many young people got right with God and there was truly a spirit of revival as God worked on the hearts of those attending.
Special Music:: "We Stand"
{we left from that for a 10-day tour to MO/AR/OK/TX, and also to attend a family homeschool conference in TX. It was a jam-packed two weeks. We are very excited to now be home to stay for most of May!}

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of birthday parties.....

Here at the Bontrager house, we love a good birthday party!  Our traditions include the following: 
~a meal chosen by the birthday person (popular items are enchiladas, pizza, fajitas, and taco salad)
~a yummy dessert (usually cheesecake or cake and homemade ice-cream.  For dad's birthday we had trifle- a simple dessert made by layering pudding, strawberries, and cubes of chocolate cake.)
~a time of honoring the birthday person.  We go around and each say something we appreciate/admire about the birthday person.
~gift time.  After supper, we move to the living room, where we present the birthday person with the gifts we have for them.  
~the activity.  The birthday person chooses an activity to do together.  It's usually a game or movie.  Some of our favorite games are "Ten Thousand", "Hide 'n' Seek in the Dark", "Occupation", "Dutch Blitz", etc.  

All in all....we have a great time together celebrating life.  For us, birthdays happen 12 times per year, so why not make it a special evening together?

 Eat time.  Often Grandma joins us.

 the Menu for Joshua's party.  {yeah, the man has good tastes.}

 I sometimes think the Littles enjoy gift time more than the birthday person.  They love handing out the gifts, watching over the shoulder, and collecting the wrapping paper (Rebecca...:).  They'd even be more than willing to help with the opening process. //smiles//

please forgive the rather yellowish coloring of these photos.  I was behind the camera, and the photo quality gives good evidence of my lack of skill skill with Chelsy's camera.:)

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{little people}

There have been lots of fun times with little people around here lately. 
babysitting little kiddos + our own littles + little people that came to visit = lots of sweet little voices + darling oh-so-cute smiles + runny noses and dirty diapers + pattering feet
Lizzy loved taking care of the little lady of the big blue eyes.  Isn't she a darling?

I supervised a trip out to the barn to pay a visit to some baby kittens lately arrived. 

So small.....only about as long as my hand.

major girl time here!  

and some boy time as well!

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//frozen blueberries//

 So....we eat them mostly in smoothies or straight out of the freezer with some yogurt.  We also pop them in muffins occasionally.  I'd love to know how you use blueberries!  

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I don't know what I'd do without my sisters.  They are the most amazing women in the world!  And how can we help having fun together?  We seriously do have so much fun.  I pity you who don't have sisters as fantabulous as mine.  We love love to spend time together.  

And now....for some facts you may not know about the Bontrager sisters:
*We all sleep in one room.  And would have it NO other way.  The togetherness and late night chats are priceless.  Just last night several of us had a little chat right before drifting off to sleep.  Chels and I have always loved to talk in bed at night, so of course the little girlies do, too!
*We absolutely LOVE to shop together!  Chels and don't usually shop without each other.  Ok, for real, it's more like I cannot shop without Chels.  
*Some of us like to match.  Namely, Miss Elizabeth LOVES to match.  Most often her and Rebecca do.  Sometimes most or all of us do by accident.  
*We are all crazy about chocolate.  And the big girls love their coffee.  Elizabeth has already decided she will love coffee when she starts drinking it....someday.
*Chels usually does Elizabeth's hair and I usually do Rebecca's.  
*All us girls but Chels {poor oddball} have brown eyes.

"Behold! How good and how pleasant it is when brethren (sisters:) dwell together in unity."
Psalm 133:1

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