Bontragers at the...

{this post was meant for long ago (pictures were taken back in january!) but it never got completed so here it is, finally!}
In spite of the COLD we had a great time.
The most amazing part of our time at the beach-a completely unrehearsed and unexpected live dolphin show. 
As we stood there along the beach, with our water lapping against our feet, we were just silent.
 In awe of the beauty.
The glory and wonder of God's creation.
Rejoicing in the time of peace and relaxation after the difficult week before.


  1. This looks fun! (And cold!) What is the creation all the boys are making in the sand? What a gorgeous beach!

  2. Wow! love the beach! Is that really Elizabeth's handwriting in the beach? I am 16 and mine is lots worse! Love your family! May God bless you greatly for the work you are doing in His name. Andy

  3. Yes, Andy, "Beach" is in Elizabeth's writing. I agree, she does have lovely handwriting for one so young!

  4. Hello to all of the Bontrager's
    I love the beach! We went to Ocean City in MD( I live about 3 hours away from it in MD) and we saw dolphins to! I love to sit and look at Gods creation! Love ur family!! U all r a blessing from God and such a Godly family! I love that u all sing songs about God! I would love to meet u all someday!
    In Christ, Lexi


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