From Prison to Pastor

 Tonight we got to visit our friend, Troy, and sing at his church here in East Gadsden.
It was a very special service.
First of all, because Troy is a very dear friend of ours, but secondly, because four years ago Troy was incarcerated in one of the state prisons that we have sung in. 
And today he is a pastor of a church!
That's what God can do! 
That is the power of the gospel.
It's all God...and that's why our family loves the prison ministry, and why we are so excited about the prison crusade that is starting tomorrow!
Its amazing what God can do when 500+ people heed to the call and come together to serve and share the gospel with the world behind bars. 
Lives are radically changed and transformed.
And we are thrilled to be a part of it!
The double sibling cooperation phenomenon. =)


  1. THAT is so clever!!! How DO you do it!!?!?

  2. Hello to all of the Bontrager's,
    The double sibling corporation phenomenon is so marvelous!
    In Christ,


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