Home Alone

 This week my parents left for their annual December "several-day-get-away-to-set-goals-for-the-coming-year". 
That left the ten of us children home alone, which we always love.
although we do miss them...
we figure that since they are having so much fun on their getaway we should do some special things as well.
They left the day before the little blizzard/windstorm that hit our area.
Thursday we didn't leave the farm at all (except for Carson who drove down the road to do the hog chores)
We had an awesome time....lots of Dutch Blitz & other games, hot chocolate, reading, special foods, listening to Christmas music, fun projects, working on our new tour outfits (can't wait to show the progress next week!!), and movies, among other things. 
Below are a few pictures of our little winter wonderland...


December Projects with Friends

Some dear friends of ours drove down from the Des Moines area to visit on Monday.
The ladies had a craft/sewing/projects afternoon, & the younger boys played together outside.


Live Animal Christmas Play Photos

The 2012 Marion Avenue Live Animal Christmas Play is now history.
It showed five times Dec 7-9th to packed out crowds.
(see above picture! we squeezed so many people in!)
 it seemed that every corner of our church was filled with either people or animals. =) 
Our entire family was involved in the play. Mom served hot chocolate/candy canes to attendees, dad was an usher, Allison & I helped with hair/makeup, and then all of us were actors except for Carson who worked backstage with switching out props and setting scenes. 
See if you can find the Bontrager/Bontragers in each picture. =)

(Rebecca was thrilled to have her kitten Frappe "acting" with her in the market scene)
Many thanks to our church photography, Mrs. Hoffert, for taking all the pictures and letting us post some of them! 
View the weekend's entire photo albums here.


2012 Live Animal Christmas Play Review 1

2012 Marion Avenue Baptist Church's Live Animal Christmas Play 
"Highlights & Behind-the-Scenes" Video Clip