Veterans Day Banquet

(Allison & I at church on Friday, marinating the steaks)
This past Sunday, Veterans Day, our church had a special service to honor veterans. Everyone at our church was encouraged to invite veterans to come to church that day. 
Our family was privileged to help others in our church with preparing & serving a steak dinner to the veterans and their families/friends.
Mitchell & Carson got home from Des Moines early Sunday morning after having been gone the entire previous week. We really enjoyed having them back & working together as a family on Sunday!
 The kitchen was quite a sight on Saturday.
 Mixing the bread dough in our trusty Bosch mixer
From this (times 5).....
 ...to this! (240 dinner rolls)
 Party Potatoes
(easy recipe: potatoes, cream cheese, sour cream, butter, salt, & pepper)
 In the church kitchen, Sunday morning. From L to R: Joshua cutting apples, mom & Allison washing lettuce, & Denver slicing pears
Denver & his ever-present smile. =)
 Mom with her salad crew of Liz & Hudson, preparing individual salad plates for each person.
yummy winter garden salad
 The assembly line: Carson put on steak, I added potatoes, & dad finished with the green beans. 
(bread & salad were already on the tables)
We had a great time working together with friends from church.
Dad, Mitchell, Carson, & Joshua-serving & talking to people
 Allison made the cheesecakes and they were INCREDIBLE. 
Brownie-bottom chocolate & blueberry almond
Everything---from seeing the color guard, to reciting together the Pledge of Allegiance, to singing the national anthem with the choir---combined with the special opportunity to honor our veterans, reminded us again how thankful we are for the countless men & women who have given so much for our freedom. We are so grateful for their service to our country and it was a blessing to spend Sunday honoring them in just a small way, to say thank-you.
{For more photos of the day, visit the album taken by our church photographer, Mrs. Hoffert.}

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