Update on the Life of the Bontragers

Heres a recap (in pictures) of the past 3 weeks. 
We've been.....harvesting garden produce, mulching & weeding the gardens/orchard, canning, hosting a widows banquet for widows & single women from our community,& cleaning both indoors & outdoors in preparation for Labor Day, among other things.
We also had the rare treat of hosting relatives from NY & Canada! We enjoyed several days with my grandparents, and the weekend with aunt, uncle, & cousins. 
Grandma teaching Liz how to crochet
Grandpas first piano lesson! 
(taught by Hudson)
Rebecca loved cousin Wesley's stories.
And making him wear all the dress-up hats she could find. =)
Huds loved getting to see his buddy, Marissa, again.
 {Marissa's fiance was with them so we got to meet him. When dad came in from choring that night Hudson told him, solomly, 
"Dadddy, I met the man that stole my girl."
we all got a good laugh out of that one. and in spite of Hudson being rather unsure of Jon at first, by the end of their visit he told me "I like Jon and I think he is a very nice man".}

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  1. Can you please tell me which piano curriculum is being used in the picture above?


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