Of Little Girls and Their Kittens

I am not a huge cat lover.
My little sisters are.
Very. very much so. 
Therefore they were beyond thrilled with four baby kittens that were born 2 months ago. 
We should count the hours they've spent playing with them!
And even though I may not be a huge cat lover....I do know a cute picture when I see one. 
don't tell me they're not ADORABLE.
They're at that age when it is extremely hard to get them to sit still for a picture. =)
So these should be worth a lot!


  1. How adorable! I see Uriah, and bandit, and burglar..... ;)

  2. My dad could tell you they're NOT adorable, or he would say they would make great fish bait. But personally, I think they are adorable too.

  3. I'm not a huge cat person either, but, like you, I know when I see a cute picture or pictures. :)

  4. I just love kittens! So adorable!

  5. Hey dearies.....love the post!

  6. These are awesome pictures!! What kind of camera do you have?

  7. Jennifer,

    I have a Canon SLR 30D. I love it. =)



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