The New Bontrager Violinist

Rebecca Shania=budding violinist


  1. Wow!! Beautiful pics of her. Good job on teaching, Allison!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

  2. How pretty! I have recently started taking violin lessons, and starting to play at my church, so I am a BIG supporter of music {ESPECIALLY when it's for the Glory of Jesus!}

    Keep it up!:)


  3. Wonderful job Rebecca! Keep it up! I'm 17, and I'm about where you are- learning to hold the bow! I've played piano for a long time, but have just started the violin. Also, great job teaching Allison. I'm currently teaching all my brothers and sisters piano, and it's quite a chore. (But fun too of course!)

  4. Love all her facial expressions! haha! Glad you captured these special moments! -Katie Garraway :)

  5. Just Plain Cute!!!!!
    I really hope you suceed!!!!!


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