April Studio Shots

The beginning of April was spent in Omaha recording our new childrens cd. 
There was lots of practice and hard work put into this and we are SO excited to be in the finishing stages of the project! We hope to have the new cd available mid-June.
Watching from the observation room
Our amazing producer and engineer, Tom Ware.
{and just as a side note...if anyone reading this is looking for an amazing place to record their albums, then look no further! WareHouse Productions is an incredible studio and we love love love their work!}
 Dad, Mom, & Mitchell stayed with the younger ones to critique, encourage, and keep everything going.
Above is pictured the home team that kept the fires burning. =)
{special thanks to Becca Rothfuss for being our "fill-in" photographer!}


  1. Lovely photos and much hard work lately. Great to see an update but it seems it comes from the future ;) Looking forward to more news.
    Blessings to all.

  2. It seems also that I hadn't realized that you folks write the date different to us and all that I saw was the number 5 at the beginning of the post. I think I had better quit :D Please forgive.

  3. It was so fun to see all of you!


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