A Bontrager Ball Game

Life has been so busy here. 
We've all been running multiple directions working multiple jobs and keeping everything running. 
The other evening we took an hour off after supper to enjoy the gorgeous weather and play a game of baseball. 
Huds rounding 1st-I love his expression!
Josh up to bat
Taylor guarding 1st
Mitch gives the pitch....
...and dad waits for it.
A little-known fact about Dad is that he played on a softball team for several years before/right after he was married. I remember going to his ball games when I was four years old. 
In my opinion, he's one of the best out there! 
He scored our team's home run...

Allison...keeping "her eye on the ball, and her head in the game".
 For those of you that don't know, the meaning of the name "Bontrager" is "competitive" 
Well, okay...not actually.
 But it SHOULD be! =)
Above, we stopped the game for a bit for the opposite sides to disagree on whether or not the ball was foul. =)
I'm so thankful for my big family. 
So thankful for all the memories we make every day without even trying.
So thankful for everything we go through because we get to go through it all together.
So thankful to the Lord for putting me in this family!
And so thankful that twelve of us makes two teams for almost every sport out there. 


May in Review...

May has been a lovely month. 
Full of all the normal things big families do when they live on a farm. 
Its been the first month all year that we didn't travel as a family. 
Lots happening though...among other things, Allison spent 10 days in Mississippi, Dad took a 2 day trip to Tennessee (to sell our old bus!), and the whole family stayed very busy staying busy. =)
I managed to capture almost everyone in action at some point or another throughout the month.

Our cousin Hannah came and surprised Allison for her 18th birthday. Surprised as in....hid behind her bedroom door and jumped out at her in the dark when Allison went to go to bed. 
I was right behind Allison to watch her reaction and it was quite something to behold. =)
Allison & Hannah made a huge batch of sugar-free chocolates for mom for mothers day. 
peppermint patties...peanut butter truffles....dark chocolate turtles....and all sorts of other concoctions.
(I know everyone is going to be begging for the recipes so I'll see if I can convince Alli to do a guest post on here and share...)
 One of our toilets was "out of commission" for about a week.
 That was the week of loooong lines for the remaining bathroom.....
We girls hosted a picnic at the park for some friends.
The gardens are SO beautiful....there's lots of elbow grease behind every one of those straight rows!

mom hoeing and the little girls cutting lettuce
Digging the holes....

planting the flowers...
 our little "hunter-in-training"
smiling. =)
filling the watering can
more planting...
carrying loads of mulch for the gardens
Hudson & Taylor working on their garden plot
Our new friends, Caleb & Katie Garraway, invited our whole tribe over for dinner. 
After a delicious meal we gathered around the big Mac and watched the new movie they just produced, called "Second Chance". 
It is a fabulous family movie and we were so blessed by it.
 Allison spent 10 days in Mississippi helping some friends of ours who were expecting baby #8 any day. (the baby was born the day after Allison got home!)
She did everything from making freezer meals to caring for the seven children (who are all under the age of 10) 
Oh, and she got in on the fun of snake hunting. =) 
Not really.
But she did experience the joys of finding a 5-ft snake in ones backyard.
 The guys gave Allison 18 roses for her birthday.
I think this is becoming a tradition...
 Does anyone notice that May has also been a month of growing boys?!
The other day I observed what may possibly be the cat world's strangest nursing position ever. =)
 Carson fixing machinery
 Josh disking one of our fields...
 I had a photo shoot with some of the younger ones to get their year photos done.
The following were a few expressions that are too cute not to post.
 Mischief is just oozing out of this child. =)
"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might.."
Ecclesiastes 9:10a


Of Little Girls and Their Kittens

I am not a huge cat lover.
My little sisters are.
Very. very much so. 
Therefore they were beyond thrilled with four baby kittens that were born 2 months ago. 
We should count the hours they've spent playing with them!
And even though I may not be a huge cat lover....I do know a cute picture when I see one. 
don't tell me they're not ADORABLE.
They're at that age when it is extremely hard to get them to sit still for a picture. =)
So these should be worth a lot!