A Few Photos from the Week...

 As most of you know, our family has been somewhat scattered over the country this last week. With Mom & Elizabeth in NY the beginning of the week....and Mitchell & Carson gone from Monday til yesterday....and Dad, Joshua, & Taylor leaving Wednesday and meeting Mom & Elizabeth in Nashville for the National Bible Bee Competitions...this house has been a quiet place this week. The above photo was a "typical" breakfast scene-small & quiet. 
In other words....NOT typical, compared to the normal. 
We had a wonderful time together with our "mini" family, but were thrilled to have Mitchell & Carson return home yesterday. We are preparing a celebration for tomorrow night when the rest of the family will arrive home from Nashville....and we will once more be the noisy, rowdy, and sizable Bontrager gang!
What a week! 
 Hudson helping me make biscuits for breakfast this morning.
Denver with his catch of the year, a big, bushy, beautiful red fox. He was smiling all day. Way to go, Denver!!


  1. Looks like fun :) but it's always nice to have the whole family back eh?:)
    We were able to enjoy watching most of the Bible Bee yesterday, looked like alot fun!
    God Bless!


  2. Just letting you know that you all were my musical companions on my iPod during my walk this morning. I enjoyed it so much, but had to stop to catch my breath when you got done playing Power in the Blood! :) So happy with all your family for Joshua's win and special congratulations to him! Nice to see Marlin when we were in Iowa.

  3. Great job Denver!
    I got my first deer this month; it's a great feeling i know!


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