In Studio 2011

One of my favorite features about this studio was the amazing Starbucks coffee beans....yum! What incredible coffee! Italian sweet cream creamer made it pretty much heavenly. =) 
Unfortunately I was only able to have it on the days we did instrument tracks. The rest of the time I had to be on a water-only diet. (as far as liquids-coffee dries out vocal cords)
Dad spending free moments (in between recording) on the phone scheduling our tours for 2012
We have our lovely cousin, Hannah, from MO, traveling with us on this trip. We are having such a wonderful time with her-she is a great addition to our family and has adjusted to our crazy life very well. =)
This studio is located in a very country corner of Alabama, where southern hospitality, four-wheelers, and ticks abound.  It's a great place to be stuck recording. 
A treat came for us on Wednesday when our dear aunt and seven cousins from GA came over to hang out with us in the studio. They were a lovely distraction and we so enjoyed having them with us.
I'm guessing it was the first time this studio had ever seen a big Dutch Blitz game like this. =)
Our cousin Elise stayed at the studio with us after the rest of her family went back to Georgia. She'll be with us til tonight, when we head over to spend tomorrow with her family. Dad & Mitchell will stay here at the studio to complete the mixing.
Our very gifted engineer for this project, Randy Miller. Tonight we talked him into playing harmonica for us. Wow!!
This afternoon a {certain} individual was feeling rather discouraged as we were trying and trying to complete one of our songs, and this {certain} individual complained that he "needed" some chocolate to cheer him up, or something along those lines. 
Unbeknowst to us, Randy overheard what had been said about chocolate. He evidently made a phone call, and about half an hour later, Randy's father (who lives nearby and has become a great friend of ours this week) stopped by with a bag full of all things sweet and chocolate. (like lollipops, above)
You can imagine the motivation to finish the song. =)
This is a typical Denver reading position. =)
Spare time at the studio was primarily spent doing school and reading, or being outdoors.
Life on the road (when we are parked in one place for awhile) is spent doing a lot of the normal things families do-school, cleaning, laundry, preparing meals, etc.

Randy's aunt offered us the use of her pool this afternoon, so we celebrated the completion of the tracks and vocals by several hours of swimming.
"Sing unto the Lord, bless His name; show forth His salvation from day to day."
Psalm 96:2
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Home moments

bringing in newborn twin baby calves from the pasture.....
 Here are the gardens that were transformed from jungles back to gardens during our few shorts days at home.

Rebecca and Allison enjoying a bedtime story in the front yard.


Corn Sweet Corn!

The first pressing project at home was getting the gardens under control. Second....was freezing 50 quarts of sweet corn!
The husking crew.....even dad joined the party for a little while!
more husking....
ready to wash....
bagging and freezing.....
....and finally! EATING! =)

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::Home Sweet....Jungle::

 Arrived home on Monday morning, Aug. 1st, @ 4:00am. I don't think it has ever been SO GOOD to be home. As we began to look around though, we realized that much had happened in those six weeks we were gone.
The gardens were.....hardly visible underneath the mountains of weeds.
Our farm resembled a jungle more than a farm. 
On top of all that, we had just spent 6 weeks out west, where "hot" is 75 degrees, with no humidity.
On Monday, Iowa was 100 degrees, with, well, lots of Iowa humidity.
To us, it seemed like....the amazon?
BUT....it was home, and that was wonderful!!

The  wilderness. Our poor farm looked so much like twelve people had completely neglected it for 6 weeks. 

weeds, weeds, and more weeds...

Working hard

It usually gets worse...and then it gets better. Here's the worse....
....and here's the better!
This sight brings a smile to my face. 
I was so excited to be home, that I woke up as soon as we drove in. (4:00am) There was no way I was gonna get back to sleep! So Allison & I got up and had three hours to tackle the work before the littles awoke. By 7:00am I had three loads of laundry on the line. SUCH a fulfilling feeling-this way to do laundry beats those western laundromats any day!
Fresh flowers...from OUR flowerbed....on OUR dining room table....and guess what? We don't have to worry about them falling over when we go around a curve! 
Hurrah!! =)
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