Of Bontragers & Blueberries in Oregon

It is 7:15am on a bright Monday morning in Oregon. Eight of the twelve Bontrager gang take to the blueberry field. 
One hour later, they are joined by the three littles and daddy.
This is a pretty intense berry picking party.

Three and a half hours and 200lb. of blueberries later.....the Bontragers leave the field with full tummies and a bus chest freezer full of blue! Our time in the field was made memorable by many family laughs, stories, and the hundreds of slugs that were found amongst the blueberry bushes. =)


  1. Hello,
    Looks like you did what we will be doing tomorrow! Except y'all did much more... FUN!! How do you freeze them, in 4 cups at a time?
    And how long does 200 lbs. last you?
    Nice post!
    Maggie for all

  2. Hi Maggie!
    We freeze them in qt. freezer bags, so...as many cups as we can fit in those!
    200lbs should last us...the year?? (as in, til next blueberry season) Hopefully!
    Miss you all!
    Chelsy & the Bontragers

  3. sooo fun! :) I love the picture of Denver with blueberries in his mouth.
    Miss you all...

  4. y'all make normal daily living look so fun and normal. Wish we could have been with ya. Love to all. The Hackels

  5. Picking blueberries was our FAVORITE thing to do as a family every summer!! We would pick and pick and eat and eat!! :) Such great memories!
    Nothing can compare to a sun=ripened blueberry fresh off the bush! :)


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