At Windy Bay Hutterite Colony

While we were in Manitoba, we had the opportunity to spend a day at a Hutterite colony. 
Hutterites are a group of people who live together in a community. They do everything together-working, playing, & eating with the entire community.  This community was a smaller one-about 75 people. 
For quite some time now, our family has been praying for the opportunity to visit a colony as a whole family. (Dad & several of the boys had been to a colony in Montana last year, but the rest of us have never been) 
Through an amazing set of circumstances, God providentially opened the doors for us to visit and sing at this colony. The people there were so welcoming and hospitable to us. They included us in everything they were doing and made us feel like part of the community.

Touring the colony 
Rebecca loved the beautiful peonies
beautiful & immaculate flower beds
Part of the community garden
Enjoying a swing on one of their many homemade swings
Go-cart rides
Walking down to the river for the fishing derby and barbeque.
Denver fishing
Elizabeth with a new friend
After we got back from the barbeque at the lake, we set up our sound equipment/instruments in their community dining hall and gave a concert for the colony.
After we sang, their youth choir sang several songs for us. Their harmony was beautiful-it sent shivers down my spine just to listen to them!
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  1. Oh, Wow! We only live a few mins from there!! :) Next time you should hop over here too!! :)


  2. Seriously??
    I didn't know we had blog readers over in that part of the country. =)
    Enjoyed a peak at your family blog...looks as though we have a lot in common (large family/same favorite books & movies/etc.)
    Maybe we'll get to meet you next year when we come back! =)
    Chelsy for the Bontragers

  3. So, so happy this worked out! I was hoping you would post pictures. :-)

  4. WOW!! I liked this post as I teach at a hutterite colony and liked reading about it. Can you give me more information about your visit? THe cpictures bring memories to me of teaching them.


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