So...who drives the bus????

One of the most often asked questions we get is "So, who drives that big rig out there?"
Meet our six current drivers....
Dad in Nevada.....
Mom in Canada.....
Carson, in Idaho.....
 Mitchell, in Wyoming....
Allison in Nebraska....
 ....and yours truly in Colorado!
(Driver #7 will be Joshua (14). He'll be driving too as soon as we have time to get him to Iowa City to get his permit)
So now, when in 25 years, you hear that the Bontrager Family Singers is traveling in a fleet of 10 buses with the original 10 kids, their spouses, and about 100+ grandchildren, you won't be surprised.
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Of Bontragers & Blueberries in Oregon

It is 7:15am on a bright Monday morning in Oregon. Eight of the twelve Bontrager gang take to the blueberry field. 
One hour later, they are joined by the three littles and daddy.
This is a pretty intense berry picking party.

Three and a half hours and 200lb. of blueberries later.....the Bontragers leave the field with full tummies and a bus chest freezer full of blue! Our time in the field was made memorable by many family laughs, stories, and the hundreds of slugs that were found amongst the blueberry bushes. =)


Glacier Mountain Photographs

To view some of the mountain photographs taken while we were at the Glacier Mountains, visit
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"Realizing that God has provided  e v e r y t h i n g  I need for my present happiness."

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Hudson visits Hudson Bay

Of course we had to get a picture of him by the town sign!
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Wednesday Night Jam in Montana

The guys love meeting other musicians at random places as we travel. 
"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands."
Psalm 100:1
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Hiking in the Rockies

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Deer in the Audience

 On Tuesday night we sang outdoors in a tourist town at the foot of the Glacier Mountains. You won't believe who came out for the concert. =)
Yes, it was the first time we've ever had deer in the audience. 
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Wildlife in the Rockies

Here are a few of God's incredible creations that we've seen in the rockies. 
Obviously, the deer photos are much better than the ones of the bears. (if you look closely you can see the two little cubs also) You can imagine why....I got considerably closer to the deer than I did to the bear! Not that I didn't want to venture nearer, but we decided to keep our distance just in case!
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At Windy Bay Hutterite Colony

While we were in Manitoba, we had the opportunity to spend a day at a Hutterite colony. 
Hutterites are a group of people who live together in a community. They do everything together-working, playing, & eating with the entire community.  This community was a smaller one-about 75 people. 
For quite some time now, our family has been praying for the opportunity to visit a colony as a whole family. (Dad & several of the boys had been to a colony in Montana last year, but the rest of us have never been) 
Through an amazing set of circumstances, God providentially opened the doors for us to visit and sing at this colony. The people there were so welcoming and hospitable to us. They included us in everything they were doing and made us feel like part of the community.

Touring the colony 
Rebecca loved the beautiful peonies
beautiful & immaculate flower beds
Part of the community garden
Enjoying a swing on one of their many homemade swings
Go-cart rides
Walking down to the river for the fishing derby and barbeque.
Denver fishing
Elizabeth with a new friend
After we got back from the barbeque at the lake, we set up our sound equipment/instruments in their community dining hall and gave a concert for the colony.
After we sang, their youth choir sang several songs for us. Their harmony was beautiful-it sent shivers down my spine just to listen to them!
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