Niagara Falls

*Maid of the Mist*
 *Trolley Rides*
 *The Falls*
*Cave of the Winds*
Smiles from Johannah, Brittany, Jinger, Allison, Liz, Jana, Josie, Jill, Jennifer, Jessa, & Jordyn
Chatting with our wonderful tour guides
*Lunch at the Riverfront Restaurant*
The little girls colored while waiting for their lunch.

The adventurous girls of our group who decided to ride the Whirlpool Jet Ski Boat through the Niagara Rapids. We had to wear all this amazing gear, which was so big and bulky that it made us feel like penguins! 
The ride....was quite something. =)I haven't ever experienced anything quite like it. By the end we were completely drenched!

[posted by chels]


  1. beautiful pictures, I would love to go see that sometime!=D
    The first picture, I thought, "It looks like something was on the lens!" But I realized it was the seagulls =|
    Hope your family is doing great!

  2. The falls are beautiful!

    Looks like you are all having fun!


  3. Oooooooooohhhh, that is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.!!! Just added Niagara Falls to my road trip wish list. ;)

  4. The Falls are soooo G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S.! I want to go there sometime! It's neat you got to visit with the Duggar family again!


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