......to head south tomorrow!
(the random family picture is posted simply because I like posts with photos better than posts without )
We've all been flying around working...and I've been busy with some other projects, so my camera has not been with me to capture the action. 
Imagine the typical American family preparing to leave for almost three months-packing clothes, food, instruments, linens, books, games, school, music, sale products-while at the same time doing chores, music practice, and cleaning......
Multiply that by three or four (our family size) and you'll have it about right.
Your prayers are appreciated as we head out on the road once again to spread the message of HIS grace and salvation!


Christmas Eve Annual Dinner

 This year we continued our annual tradition of a gourmet, dress-up Christmas Eve dinner.
Due to activities that were planned with extended family for Christmas Eve, we had our family dinner one day early, on Friday. 
All mid-morning/afternoon the kitchen was filled the many bustling cooks preparing their various appetizers. 
I'll let pictures tell the story....
::Mexican Dip::
 ::Chocolate Cream Puffs::
{Elizabeth & Chels}
 ::Garlic Pizza Wedges::
{Elizabeth & Chels}
 ::Chocolate Covered Goodness Balls::
{Mitchell-he made up this concoction so I'm just giving it a name that describes it =)}
 ::Chicken/Broccoli Cups::
 ::Red Pepper Hummus::
 ::Bacon/Onion Stuffed Mushrooms::
 Veggie Tray
 ::Onion Rings::
::Raw Chocolate Gelatin Cheesecake::
 The table, laden with all things gourmet and scrumptious.
 The guys....
...and the girls
{more posts coming soon with pictures and highlights from the weekend!}


Merry Christmas from the Bontragers!

Note: our new bios are up on our family page!
Photography by GehmanPhotography
Graphic Design by HannahSandersfeld


December Days

Here at the Bontrager house, our lives have been busy with school, cooking, chores, and birthday parties.
One of the parties was a surprise weekend party, and one of the cooking adventures was a huge disaster. (more on those events to come later!)
"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men."
Colossians 3:23


Another Big Catch!

 Denver is becoming quite the trapper. This morning he came home with {possibly} the largest beaver of all beavers. This thing redefined huge-it was SO solid! 
We are all quite proud of him. One spike buck, fifteen coon, one red fox, and one enormous beaver, all in just two months.
We're expecting an elephant next.
It was all Denver and Joshua could do to hold this big guy so I could get a picture. 
We really need to weigh him. (the beaver) I have a feeling he has Denver beat, pound for pound!