Anna's visit

About three years ago, I was sitting at the dinner table when someone anounced that I had mail......and "foreign" mail, at that!  No mail had ever come for me from Spain, so it was with excitement and curiosity that I opened the letter.  It was from Anna Escuin.  Anna had found my family's blog, and wondered if I would like to write letters to her.  Soon, letters began to cross the ocean from one of us to the other.  Little did I dream that we would one day have the opportunity to meet each other!  But when Anna planned a trip to America, she included visit to Iowa!  It was a joy to get to know Anna and spend several days with her.

My younger siblings loved Anna!  She willingly read to the little ones or did whatever else needed to be done.  

Anna has beautiful dark, curly hair that I had so much fun with!  

On Thursday, Chelsy, Anna and I had some girls' shopping time.   It was wonderful to get to know each other better while we shopped.

Anna, your love for Jesus is so precious!  
~You have a beautifully radiant smile.
~Your British accent is just "delectable"!;)  
~You are so joyful!
~You have a gorgeous voice . (It was so much fun to sing together at the concert Friday evening!)
~You play flute so well; thank you for joining us on "Amazing Grace"!
Anna, may the Lord bless and keep you as you travel home.  May he cause His face to shine upon you and give you peace.



"Why not wear a  s m i l e?   It's just about the only thing you can wear that isn't taxed."  


Where Have We Been?!?!

Home Sweet Home!
Hence, no posting.
Until now!
Our family has spent the last 2 weeks working hard on the farm! (and loving every minute of it!) Amongst other things, we have been busy with gardening/weeding, freezing & eating yummy garden produce, baking/cooking, deep cleaning, mowing the yard, fixing equipment, raking & baling hay, cleaning the shop in preparation for upcoming events, freezing/canning chicken, and hosting a neighborhood picnic and a  Home Health Seminar. As if there wasn't enough excitement already, we also had a mini-flood the beginning of this week.
For now, I'll let the pictures tell the story-----