While in Arkansas & Kansas.....

We spent a day with the Duggar Family in Arkansas. 
Between our 2 families, we have a total of 16 sons!
Mrs. Duggar & baby Josie
Getting to know the Query family and hearing their beautiful orchastra was a treat for all of us!
In Kansas we fellowshipped late at night (after our concert) with the Miller & Yoder families.
The next morning....a kind neighbor brought his horse over for the girls to ride
I think they were doing something with guns here.....not surprising. :)


  1. Hi!
    I (and my siblings) visited with your family after your concert at Millard Alliance Church earlier this year, and we have been following this blog and Chelsey's.
    I must say, seeing her pics of the Northwoods was FANTASTIC for flashbacks. We used to go there anually to help with ATI's Families of Promise retreat, where we also met the Querys:)
    Thanks for the fun posts- a big family has that certain dynamic that we can relate to!

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! Meeting the Duggars must have been exciting! Allison and Jinger almost look like sisters.

  3. Oh, how much fun! I would like to meet the Duggars! That was a great photo of Allison and Rebekah on the horse!

  4. What a fun post! We met the Duggars when they were out here years ago filming for Discovery Channel. Nice folks! You all look like you had fun with your various activities! Miss you guys and girls!
    California next year??
    Amy Greer


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