Back on the Road

After some frantic last minute packing, farm chores, & a sewing project we headed for our 5 1/2 week winter tour 6 days ago.  We spent the first 3 days in central KS  sharing in 2 churches.  It was encouraging to see so many people hungry to hear the Word of God.

We also enjoyed some rich fellowship with the Beckman family. An energetic 80 year old woman had the 7 Beckmans and all 12 of us plus her daughter over to her house for a breakfast of Swedish pancakes , sausage, bacon, and fruit.  In case you don't know, Swedish pancakes are like crepes, a very thin delicious pancake.
Thank-you Beckmans, for your gracious hospitality.  The physical exercise, the great food, the music, & the hours of talking were so refreshing!

Our next destinations were in OK where we met a sweet family who make their living raising parakeets.  We never gave any thought to where those little birds in the pet store came from but now we know that there are barns filled with 1,575 pairs of birds which lay eggs that hatch into baby birds which are then shipped to pet store wholesalers.  It is always fun to find these field trips on the road!
Please pray with us that God will continue to prepare hearts to receive His message.  We are excited to be a part of the We Care Prison Crusade, which starts on Sunday.  To see our schedule go to our webpage.