A Special Evening

Last week we had the privilege of having 17 widows and single ladies that we know in our home for the evening.  
<We started off the evening by serving appetizers and then dinner followed by blueberry or chocolate tart with homemade ice-cream.  Even the little ones got involved by serving dessert.

The purpose of the evening was to let each of these dear ladies know how special they are to us. 

Denver, Taylor, and Hudson recited Ephesian 6:1-18 along with some drama.

The children also provided the after dinner music.

We had a very special time playing games with them.

Chelsy, Denver, and Anna enjoyed a game of Probe.

Carson and Rhoda played some tough games of Othello.

Checkers was the name of this game.

There was also a hot game of Rummikub.

As we went to bed that night,  our hearts were full of the joy that these dear ladies brought to our home that night.


  1. Sounds like a fun evening! I love having company.

  2. P.S The table was decorated lovely! The roses and petals the water cups, I want to borrow your idea sometime:)

  3. What a special evening. I am sure the ladies will remember your warm hospitality for a long time.

    Emily L

  4. I'm glad you all had such a lovely time!
    Othello is a great game. =)


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