Fall Days II

As promised, here is a further update on what has been happening at our house this fall. Chelsy, Mitchell, Allison, and Carson were sent of to IL for 3 days to help our friends, the Vincent family, get settled in their new home.  What a joy it was for our children to have the opportunity to unpack, organize, clean, do laundry, bake & cook, and make repairs at the Vincent's new farmstead.  It was a fun time for all of them.  As  you can imagine, life around here was a bit more subdued without all that teenage energy!  It gave our younger children a chance to "step up to the plate" as Marlin likes to say.   Elizabeth became my right hand in the kitchen while the boys did more chores than usual outdoors.
On Saturday evening when our 4 oldest returned home we had a happy reunion.   Chelsy only took a few pictures while they were gone, one of which was this beautiful shot of a bridge as they were crossing the Mississippi River.  
Recently we celebrated Carson's 13 birthday by inviting some friends for dinner and the evening.  It is amazing to me that we now have 4 teenagers!


  1. I'm so impressed... part two came way so fast!

    you guys are so cool ;)

    Amazing pic chels... happy bday cars!


  2. Happy Birthday Carson!! Looks like a yummy cake. Also I like the new photo of your famiy at the top!


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